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Cables and Wiring

Cables and Wiring

For your Van Build or RV, you’ll need high-quality wiring. Always select pure copper wires, when in doubt, look for marine grade (UL-1426) wires.

Avoid CCA (copper-clad aluminum) unless you have specifically calculated your design for them.

Wires and cables must be sized properly – Please read our Guide to Wire Sizing and Selection for more information.

Battery and Inverter Cables

These large gauge cables are suitable for Battery Banks, Power Inverters, and other high current components. Always use pure copper cable, and never use CCA (copper-clad aluminum) unless you have specifically designed your system for it. CCA cable has a lower amperage carrying capacity than pure copper cable.

Marine grade cable (UL-1426) and welding cable are great to use as power cable. If you need help determining which size wire to use, visit our Wire Selection Guide.

Small Gauge Wire and Cable

These wires are for smaller amperage loads. Use these to distribute power to sockets, lights, fans, etc..

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