About Solar4Camper.com

Michael Jones

About me

I’m Mike and I’m a

  • Loving Husband
  • Solar Energy Enthusiast
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Web-Developer
  • Vanlifer
  • Travel Addict

and I combine all of these different things to help people build their very first Solar Power Systems.

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Contact me at Solar4Camper@gmail.com

About Solar4Camper

Solar4Camper.com is a project who’s mission is to become your all-in-one resource for free solar power plans. We want to make generating clean energy uncomplicated and easy to get started with.

After starting our first vanbuild in 2019, we noticed that most solar resources online were either incomplete, hard to navigate or cost a premium price.

Unfortunately, this reality only adds to the confusion on a topic that’s already quite complicated for the beginner.

We aim to change all that, to take the confusion out of solar power, and get you started on your clean energy jounrey.

We still have a long way to go, but your support means the world to us!

Please feel free to contact to us with your questions, comments or content requests.